Fujimi High School Exchange: Please consider becoming a host family

Thank you to the many families that have so generously offered to host so far. We are still looking for a number of host families, so please consider hosting a Japanese girl early next term for only two weeks.


We have a wonderful group of 29 fifteen year old girls from Fujimi High School coming to John XXIII College. The exchange students will arrive on Sunday 30 July and leave on Saturday 12 August. Your son or daughter does not have to be a student of Japanese as the exchange students are here to experience home life in Australia and practice their English speaking skills.


Many past host families have written to express their appreciation for this program as it has, not only been fun, but led to life-long friendships and a deeper respect and understanding of another culture. Sharing our homes with a person from another race, culture and ethnicity expands our minds and offers the entire family an opportunity to be adaptive to unusual, funny and engaging intercultural interactions. It can be wonderful opportunity to learn more about Japan and the world without leaving home.


Please read the attached letter for more details, then complete the form and paste images on the photo page, before returning it via email to


The Japanese exchange students always greatly appreciate the kindness of all of our families for sharing their Perth/Aussie/JTC lifestyle.


Many thanks for your consideration.


Shane Glass and Glen James

Head of Languages (Languages) and Fujimi Coordinator


Study Tour To France 2017

Planning for the Study Tour to France at the end of this year have commenced for our Year 10 and Year 11 students of French.


We would like to congratulate Ms Janine O’Grady and Ms Louise Hoy on being selected to assist in the organisation and accompany the French Study Tour Team in December 2017. Their expertise will be invaluable to all.


Ms Carmelina Grassi

French Study Tour Co-ordinator