At Miners Rest, we are continuing to focus our energy on identifying our personal strengths. The great thing is that we can always work on these and by talking about how we can apply them to a challenging situation, we will be better prepared to face that challenge. Look at the list below and as a family brainstorm some other personal strengths that could be added to the list.




  • Encourage each family member to identify their strengths and name those they see in each other.
  • Encourage students to ask key adults in their lives about how they have used their strengths to help them deal with challenging situations. 
  • Students can choose a strength they would like to work on and think of a situation that they can build on this. Eg. Not understanding a homework task, they might like to use determination to have a go. Or they could use creativity to try the task from a different approach. And finally they could use courage by asking for support.

Click on the link below to access the digital Habits of Happiness Wheel, which includes 15 short daily exercises designed to help the students further develop their understanding of gratitude, kindness, mindfulness, empathy, service, resilience and happiness