Student Voice 

From Our School Leaders - Will, Ella, Chase, Monique

These past couple of weeks have been filled with wonderful events. Last Monday the student representatives went to the Armidale Cathedral for the Catholic Schools' Week mass. On Thursday the parents came for lunch with the students, as well as an open class tour and a liturgy, led by the leaders. We hope all parents enjoyed coming! Friday started off with a beautiful mass, and many parents came.  


Every  Wednesday, all students have enjoyed Mitch Power, we would like to thank him for coming and teaching us amazing skills. 


Throughout the week all students play happily around the playground. 



What Works Well: 

  • The sensory circuit is working very well.
  • Infants aren't playing with primary and nobody is getting hurt.

Even Better If:

  • In handball, listen to the ref, take it out, don’t target and don’t team.
  • In footy tennis you need to take it out.
  • In the COLA, when you line up, there is no talking.
  • In the toilets (girls' and boys') make sure you turn the tap off, and take one paper towel.

Kind regards, 

The Leaders.