The MITS Student Page

Floyd, Rumarlea, Paul, Marcia and Pauline


My year at MITS was awesome and fun, I made lots of friends with others by hanging out with them and getting to know them quickly. My highlight was when Ruby, Rhiannon and I were in our room and the little light went out where Ruby sleeps. I saw something and I ran to them then they heard something like two kids talking.  We all freaked out and ended up sleeping in the big room downstairs.


My best memory was going to beach and Marcia was chasing seagulls. It was funny. My weekends at MITS involved going shopping and doing activities like Go-Karting, movies and other fun stuff as well. School has also been fun and sometimes tiring when we had to walk up the hill every day. In 2020, I am looking forward to meeting new teachers and meeting new friends.




My year at MITS was really good. I really liked doing all the activities on the weekend such as Laser Tag, going to the beach, going shopping and going Go-karting. My best memory at MITS was when I was on the ABC Breakfast News. I was extremely nervous at first, but when it was over, I was proud and relieved.


MITS has got me ready for my school next year by showing me how to behave at the schools, how to set up our books in Maths, Science, Geography and other subjects and showed us what our schools looks like by taking us there for visits. I have made friends with Antwan, Paul, Sam, Marley, Shakira, Antonio, Adam and Max.  I’m really looking forward to 2020.

Bruce Armstrong