Living at Lockington

In 2019 we graduate the fourth MITS class,

22 out of 22 students we are all proud to pass.

Adam loves photos with guests such as Dusty Martin,

Antonio buys new clothes and new shoes in the carton.

Moniquah loves football and kicks heaps of goals,

Cliffton likes to walk to the chemist and sometimes to Coles.

Playing football Ruby is tenacious, determined and injury prone,

Debbie always face times family back home on her phone.

Rumarlea walks to the MCG with her aunties to watch the Cats,

Every weekend it seems Kurt has a new hat.

Max and Sam set the standard for keeping a tidy room,

Marley has family in Wyndham, Derby and Broome.

Shakira likes chilling with Paddy and Pip on the weekend,

Bruce didn’t know anyone else at MITS but now has lots of friends.

Antwan loves to tell stories and meet visitors such as Sir Peter Cosgrove,

Latisha and Paul comes from Bairnsdale and sometimes from Melbourne they drove.

Her fellow students find Marcia to be caring and funny,

Tatiana loves playing football at RJFC, especially when it’s sunny.

Isaiah enjoyed camping at Rick and Liz’s farm,

Sometimes Serena likes to get up early and turn off the alarm.

Pauline loves to Tic Toc and show off her dance moves,

In the morning Rhiannon does not like to be woken from her snooze.

Brad Carmody