In the classroom


A message to the 2019 MITS Graduating Class


Wow! It seems like only yesterday you walked in on your first day atMITS and I can’t believe that we are now getting ready to say goodbye. I love the MITS community and you are all now a part of the MITS story that continues next year in your new schools. We’ve created some amazing memories and had many laughs together. I have loved the way that you brightened my mornings with your high fives, big smiles and entertaining stories of weekend adventures and Lockington high jinx. I am grateful for all the experiences I have shared with you all and feel incredibly lucky to have been part of your MITS journey this year.

You have improved both academically and socially and, I hope that you feel more prepared for the greater challenges ahead of you. I certainly feel confident that you will all achieve great things. You have worked incredibly hard this year and as a result you have made great progress. You have honestly blown me away! 


If I am able to offer any advice to you, it is to continue to embrace your learning enthusiastically, look to all of your mistakes as learning opportunities, and make sure that you are challenging yourself in everything you do. Remember to continue looking for the “what went well” moments each and every day and have fun! Life is what you choose to make it… So, why not make the most of every opportunity?


Although the next chapter might seem scary for some of you, change is good. Change is when you learn something new. Confidently dealing with change is what is going to make you an awesome adult. Don't let your feelings of uncertainty stop you from going head first into new adventures. Feeling a little unsure is perfectly okay. You can do anything that you put your mind to. You have achieved incredible things and I congratulate each and everyone of you for what you have achieved this year.


I can’t wait to hear about what the future has in store for you all. 

Ryan Martin