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Homework at Corpus Christi School

Over the past few weeks, your child will have started to bring homework home.


At Corpus Christi School, there will be no formal homework set for students in Years Prep - 2.   However, it is expected that families engage in daily reading through: 

  • Reading with your child 
  • Reading to your child
  • Listening to your child read to you

Suggested time: Average 10-15 minutes of reading time per night.

Formal homework will be assigned to all children in Years 3 - 6.


Homework will be assigned at the beginning of a week with the due date and the required completion format clearly communicated to children and parents.


Homework will be time based, not task based. Children will be required to complete what they can in a specified amount of time for each task, which will be made clear on the assigned homework.


The duration for homework activities at Corpus Christi is: 


Years 3/4 

  • Homework Assignments: Approximately 60-80 minutes per week
  • Reading: Average 15 minutes of reading per day 

Years 5/6 

  • Homework Assignments: Approximately 100-120 minutes per week
  • Reading: Average 20 minutes of reading per day

You can read Corpus Christi School's Homework Policy at this link

Homework tips

These tips are relevant for all students Kindergarten to Year 12.

  • Ask your child about their homework, know what they are learning about and when it is due.
  • Make ‘to-do’ lists to spread out the workload.
  • Get into a routine of doing homework at a set time, ideally a little each day.
  • Have a set place where children can do their homework, with the equipment they’ll need – pens and pencils, highlighters, scissors, glue, scrap paper, ruler, calculator, printing paper, computer and internet access, a printer.
  • If there’s no set homework, encourage your child to do some reading. 
  • For younger children, it’s great for them to read aloud to you. For older ones, ask them to tell you about what they have read. 
  • Don’t jump in and give answers, homework is about helping children become independent learners.
  • Encourage your child to start homework as soon as they receive it– this will reduce any night-before stress.
  • Your child needs to do their own projects and assignments.  Teachers need to know what students can do independently – it’s the best way for planning lessons and additional support, if required.
  • Turn off TVs, mobiles and other devices so there are no disruptions.

If your child is having difficulty with their homework, contact their class teacher for help.


From - https://education.nsw.gov.au/parents-and-carers/learning/help-with-homework/years-3-to-6  


Deborah Courtney

Director of Learning and Teaching