Classroom News 

Well here's some more writing from the budding journalists and authors in Years 5 and 6. Have really enjoyed face to face teaching over the past few weeks and workshopping some writing ideas and strategies. So here we go!


Explode the Moment 

Written by Jasmine 

The tall figure lunged for the glass window. He grabbed onto his rusty screwdriver and managed to tug the window open. He cautiously slid through the window, like melted butter on a knife and quietly tiptoed towards the silverware. He filled his large, cotton sack with anything his dirty fingers could purloin. Suddenly he heard a quiet voice. The young girl had woken up with a start and was anxiously looking for her loving parents. She screamed as she saw the tall stranger. The little girl's parents came sprinting down the narrow staircase, but the trespasser was gone, along with some of the family's most prized treasures.


‘The girl cried a lot.’

Written by Connor 

The dismal teenager hurled herself onto her bright comfy bed, as her beautiful, green eyes started to fill up with crocodile tears. She tensed her legs as she got up and started vigorously beating her pink pillow, slowly draining her vitality, like a sponge, causing her wrist to be in anguish. She dashed down the timber stairs and slowly turned the bright, golden doorknob to the right till she couldn't anymore and pulled the door open carefully. She was walking barefoot through the woods, where a mixture of dirt and shattered leaves crept in between her toes. A cold breeze swept across her face and caused her to shiver. She felt her body nearly giving up and her legs were as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike. She was lost.


P-2's Pablo Picasso Portraits

The Year Prep's, Year 1's and Year 2's have been learning about the infamous Pablo Picasso. Have a look below at their weird and wacky self portraits. 



Celebrating Sacred Heart Feast Day in Prep

On Friday 19th June, the Prep's learnt about The Feast of the Sacred Heart. To commemorate the day, the students drew some of the things they love inside a heart. Their hearts were placed inside a flame to represent their own hearts burning with love, just as Jesus' heart burns with love for all of us. 


Azariah: My heart is on fire for my family and Mary.

Nirav: My heart is on fire for my family and God. 

Brenton: My heart is on fire for my mum, dad and Jesus.