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This week our Year 1/2 children read the book Family Hugs by Michael Wagner on Story Box Library. The children chose one of the stories from the book to act out with their families. Here are some of the photos they shared with me.


Story Box Library

Borrow your Library books here!
Borrow your Library books here!


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ABC Education!/home


The ABC Education website has an amazing number of activities to explore not just for reading and writing but other subject areas including Maths, Science, Geography, History and The Arts.

Scholastic Website

Great resources for Prep through to Year 6. Includes videos of books, a variety of texts for older children to read and follow up activities.

The Met Museum

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City has a  section on their website called The Children's Reading Room which features Storytime in Nolen Library. At the conclusion of each story there are some fun follow up  activities for children to do.


Footscray Library

Check out the Library at Home section on the Footscray Library website for links to online stories.



Happy reading!

Jane Wilkinson

Teacher Librarian