Student Well-being

Spotlight: Year 3/4 Community

Focus:  Stress


In the Year 3/4 Community, students have been focusing on stress, which is extremely relevant given the uncertain time we are living in!


Students described what happens to their body when they experience stress, including: butterflies, stomach in a knot, face feeling hot, getting all sweaty and much more. 


Afterwards, students explained the activities they do to help them to calm down. The most common answers were listening to music, exercising, meditating and drawing.


Below are some work examples by Keagan and Kingston.

By Keagan
By Kingston
By Keagan
By Kingston

We discussed that everyone has their own stress triggers and they differ depending on the individual. For teachers, stress triggers might be report time or having lots of marking to do! For students, stress triggers might be completing a hard Maths test, starting a new sport and not knowing anyone, the swimming carnival or even spelling! 


We talked about the importance of finding coping skills that we enjoy and that help us return to a calm state.


Two of the stories that we listened to, that explore the theme of stress were David and the Worry Beast and When Worry Takes Hold. The students loved these stories!

Masks, Masks & More Masks!!

Thanks to COVID-19, we all have a new fashion accessory! Here is a social story to help your children understand why we are wearing masks and why it is so important.

Even dogs are staying safe!
Even dogs are staying safe!

Bored at Home?

We figured that you might be running out of ideas to keep your children entertained at home! Here is a list of games that our awesome CCK staff enjoy playing at home!


Mr Hyde- Monopoly and Pictionary

Miss Anderson- Scattergories and 5 Second Rule.

Miss Lauren Borg- Trivial Pursuit (Friends Edition!), Scattergories and 5 Second Rule.

Miss Wilkinson- Scrabble and Backgammon

Miss Letitia- Monopoly, UNO and Cluedo! 

Mrs Childs- Scrabble, Twister, Monopoly and Pictionary.

Mrs Anne- Scrabble and Cluedo. 

Mrs Brittney- Mouse Trap, UNO and Pictionary

Miss Deborah- Cluedo, Monopoly, UNO and Go Fish.

Signora Anderson- Cluedo and The Game of Life.

Miss Poropat- Uno and Monopoly!

Hot hint from Miss Poropat: children could also make their own board game, make their own dice, counters and characters - it requires heaps of thinking!! 

Mrs Nathalie- UNO and Draughts!


Hope you enjoyed these ideas!

Stay safe,

Haylea Anderson

Student Wellbeing Leader