From the Principal's Desk

Local Operations

As we continue to monitor and adjust to the ever-changing climate of the day, and in an attempt to further 'safe-proof' our community, we have made a school-based decision to limit even further the number of staff on the premises at any one time as well as access to different parts of the school.


Staff will be limited to those supervising the on-site learning program along with leadership and office personnel. We will also be closing various buildings of the school, limiting the number of workspaces.  Obviously the administration building along with buildings housing our on-site learning program and associated needs will be accessible. 


Over the holiday period, the entire school was, cleaned, disinfected and sanitized in accordance with the Department of Health and Human Services and the World Health Organisation with chemical products and processes that are effective in protecting against all bacteria and viruses including COVID-19. It makes sense then to restrict access to ensure our school is ready for a return to face-to-face teaching when such time occurs.

Continuous Learning Program (Remote and Flexible Learning) Phase 4

It's Day 8 of our Continuous Learning Program (Remote and Flexible Learning) Phase 4 and our learning and teaching program continues to evolve.   With teachers conducting an increased number of live sessions it's important to note that there will be a decreased amount of time teachers are available to respond immediately to student questions or provide feedback as soon as a piece of work is submitted.


In most cases, questions can be solved by the children themselves and teachers will be reviewing student work at various times throughout the day.  Being live with the students allows a lot of the normal detailed feedback, that may have been written 20 times on individual pieces of work,  to be conducted in the live group forum.  Please don't be alarmed should you not see detailed feedback in the written form but rest assured that teachers view each piece of work to gather information about student progress as well as the effectiveness of their learning and teaching program.


Can I ask that you pay particular attention to the timetables that come out for next week as the new local processes in regards to supervision of our On-site Learning program will have a 'roll-on effect' and in most cases increase the 'availability' of teachers.

Google Meets

With the increased amount of live Google Meets now being a prevalent component of our Continuous Learning Program (Remote and Flexible Learning) Phase 4,  it's timely to reiterate roles and responsibilities-


  • Be on-time
  • Dressed and ready for school
  • NO food or drink
  • Desk/Table set up with work books and pens/pencils
  • Workspace set up with (privacy) in mind
  • Microphone turned OFF
  • Camera turned ON
  • Understand that the rules used at school also apply in a virtual classroom, and poor or unacceptable behaviour will carry consequences.


  • Ensure you are up-to-date with your child's Google Meet so that everyone is aware when Meets are to take place
  • Your child should be dressed appropriately
  • Ensure that your child has video turned ON and microphone turned OFF (unless otherwise invited by the teacher) when they Meet
  • Talk with your child that the rules used at school also apply in a virtual classroom, and poor or unacceptable behaviour will carry consequences.
  • Have a quiet space available  for Meets  where children can sit appropriately with materials close by
  • Ensure others in your house know your child will be in a video conference. Make family members and the student aware that they can be heard by the whole class if speaking too close to the microphone
  • Control siblings and other family members while the Meet is going on to help make sure that it all goes smoothly
  • Make sure that your child is in a room clear of things that might impinge on your family’s privacy
  • Do NOT feed your child during Meets
  • Supervise but let your child participate in the Meet themselves
  • Children are NOT to be sitting on your laps
  • Understand that  Google Meets will most likely be recorded.

As mentioned, it is really important for you to let your child participate independently in all Google Meets. Your teacher needs to have your child's attention. We all know that children behave totally differently in the home and when at school so when participating in a Google Meet we need to re-create (as best as possible) school conditions. 


Annual Report

As is mandated by the Federal Government, all schools must make public information regarding ‘school performance’ to the wider community. This is usually communicated through the school’s Annual Report.


For those interested, our Annual Report to the School Community (for the 2019 school year) is now available on our website at:

Alternatively, you may like to request a hard copy at the school office.


The Corpus Christi Annual Report to the Community outlines our achievements over the year in relation to our School Improvement Framework and Annual Action Plan. It provides families with detailed information as to our ‘performance’ and in relation to the many and

varied activities, programs and opportunities that ‘add value’ to our school.


Have a wonderful week

Stay safe and God Bless

Anthony Hyde