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Feast of St Anne and St Joachim: Patron Saints of Grandparents


Each year on 26th July our Church celebrates the feast of Jesus’ grandparents, Mary’s parents, Saints Joachim and Anne. 


As we celebrate the great faith of Saints Joachim and Anne, the Grandparents of Jesus let’s all take the time to honour our own grandparents. We give thanks to God today and every day for the blessing they are in our lives and pray that their many gifts of love, faith and wisdom will continue to nurture and enrich our lives. Our grandparents have a special place in our families, our society and our world. 


Grandparents regularly open their hearts, their arms and homes to us in times of need. They show us unconditional love, guide us and often lead us in our faith. 


Let us pray especially for the grandparents in our community who are vulnerable and at increased risk during the COVID-19 pandemic.  


We also pause to remember all those grandparents, great-grandparents and special people who have died and are now at rest with Our Lord.  We pray that their light may continue to shine in the love and faith of their children and grandchildren.

St Joachim and St Anne
St Joachim and St Anne



In honour of the grandparents who are missing their grandchildren at the moment  let us pray:


O Holy Mother and Father 

of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 

as parents, you guided and nurtured Mary

and under your protection and love, 

watched her grow in holiness.

Through your faithfulness and goodness 

the Will of God was fulfilled; 

the fruits of your virtue and faith brought salvation to the whole world 

with the birth of the baby Jesus.


“The Word was made flesh 

and dwelt among us.”  (John 1:14)


Most Holy Saints Anne and Joachim, 

come close to us and guide our hands 

and our hearts in the way of virtue.

Help us to parent our children and grandchildren with a gentle heart as you did.


Show us how to raise our children in faith 

and bring our families into the Light of Jesus.

Remain close to us and help us 

on our journey to salvation.

Saints Anne and Joachim, 

we place our petitions in your hands 

and ask that you lay them 

before the child Jesus.


St Joachim, Pray for Us.

St Anne, Pray for Us.


Sunday Mass Activities for Children

The story so far…

Jesus continues to teach the crowds about the Kingdom of Heaven using parables (stories). It seems that the Kingdom he is talking about is very different to earthly kingdoms.


On Sunday the readings focused on seeking gifts that are of value. In the Gospel, Jesus tells us the reign of God is a very valuable gift, one that we must seek and treasure. Sometimes these gifts come to us at no cost: we simply have to ask (like Solomon's wisdom). On other occasions, they come after much expense and sacrifice (as in Sunday's Gospel). But always, they come to us as gifts from God, gifts we should treasure forever.



Click on this link to explore the Gospel reading:



Explore the reading by clicking on the following tabs located on the main screen:

  • The Word: video of the reading
  • Look Closer: brief exploration of the reading in child friendly language
  • Ponder: some questions to ponder or wonder about related to the Gospel and our lives
  • Respond: an activity is provided to further give children the opportunity to reflect on the Gospel of the week
  • Pray: a short prayer service for families to participate in.



May God bless us all and keep us safe.


Jane Wilkinson

Religious Education Leader