From Our Principal,

Chris Chant

Our library space upgrade is almost complete. These new spaces will create new opportunities for students and staff and change the way our library will operate once we have returned to the more traditional way of working. We have upgraded the shared spaces. Refurbished all the windows, added additional heating and cooling and reworked all the electrical and communication systems.



During the COVID -19 change of work and learning arrangements we have added an electronic library to the school’s resources and our children and families can access this new resource on – line. This can be done at home, on the weekend or from the comfort of the couch.

Caulfield Junior College now has an ‘E- Book library’.  It is filled with an amazing amount of books that you can borrow at any time to read anywhere on your iPad, laptop, computer or phone.

Built into the system are options for books to be accessed in different languages!! Further information on this will follow. 


Parents will be emailed their child’s unique login code and password by Friday 31st July. These will be required to log onto the ‘E-book Library’. 


How it works:

  1. E-Book Library is found under the Remote and Flexible Learning Tab on the school website.  Go to ‘Remote and Flexible Learning’ then click the ‘E-Book Library’ tab. CJC  Website -
  2. Or, go direct to the E-Book Library by following this link.
  3. Click on ‘sign in’ (top right corner).
  4. Enter your individual username and password.
  5. Start browsing and start reading.  (You can borrow up to two books for two weeks).

Anne Hostein

Curriculum Leader.


Our onsite learning program continues to operate within year level teams. This ensures children are working with classmates and with teachers from their year levels. We are seeing an increase in requests for placements but we need to consider one key element. If you can work from home then your children are expected to be learning from home. Staff are working from home by negotiation and will continue to provide a range of online learning sessions. We are continuing to build the expertise of all staff and they have been increasing their knowledge and skills in different ways to deliver the curriculum and ensure that students are engaged in learning every day.


COMPASS Notifications


It is very, very important for all members of our school community to ensure that they are checking for COMPASS notifications regularly and reading the information being provided. At this time, if the school has to close due to the current situation, a notification could be sent late at night or early in the morning, as directed by the Department of Education and Training. If the school is required to close, no one will be able to access the school site. Staff have been advised to take work and resources home each night so that they can continue to deliver teaching and learning programs off site. If the school needs to close, information will be updated and sent by COMPASS as regularly as possible, and students will continue their learning at home. After a school closure, you will receive a notification informing you of re-entry details. While we are remaining positive, it is important to be prepared and stay informed.


If your child is learning at school as part of the essential workers program, families need to be able to collect a sick child immediately and ensure they are  seen by a Doctor / tested prior to them returning to the program. Please ensure that your details at the school are up to date, particularly if you will be asking an emergency contact person to pick up you child.



Chris Chant