Sarah Bridges

Senior Sub School Manager


It has been really encouraging to see senior students being adaptable, resilient, patient and supportive as we move to remote teaching and learning. Reports from staff indicate that students are participating in virtual classes, keeping in contact and completing work. It is really important that we encourage students to look after themselves, ensuring they exercise, keep in contact with friends, maintain healthy eating and sleeping patterns and reach out if they need extra support.

VCAA Updates

We will be letting students and families know of VCAA updates via Compass and Google classrooms.


VCE students will still receive an ATAR, but there will be a number of adjustments to the academic timetable for VCE and VCAL students:

  • The GAT will move from June to October or November
  • End-of-year exams will be postponed until at least December
  • School-based assessment tasks will be reduced where possible to relieve some pressure on students as they move to remote and flexible learning arrangements
  • Universities will be asked to delay the start of the 2021 university year to account for the impact of coronavirus on senior secondary students.
  • VCE study scores will continue to be a combination of school-based assessment and external exams.
  • VCAL students will have more time to complete their courses and this will be consistent with the revised dates for the VCE.

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) is also examining a compressed end-of-year exam schedule – including slightly shortening each exam – in recognition of the disruption caused by the pandemic.

A small number of students undertaking VET may have the award of their VCE or VCAL delayed until the beginning of 2021, so that they can complete mandatory practical or workplace learning requirements, ensuring they are not disadvantaged by the lack of hands-on practice.

Victorian School of Languages (VSL)

Just a quick update on the situation with VSL / LOTE learning. Many of our students attend school on a Saturday morning to learn a language.


The VSL is running all classes through on-line learning, as are day-schools;  the lessons are running at the usual time on a Saturday.


The VSL teachers contacted each class member prior to the commencement of this term in regard to the electronic platform being used and instructions to access those.


If any of our students or their parents/carers have questions about this, please contact the class teacher first (if possible) and then make all enquiries through the VSL head-office.