School Photos

Photos arrived from MSP Photographry on Tuesday this week. If you did not receive your child's school photos and believe you ordered some, please contact the company directly on 52226747.

Lightning Premierships

Congratulations to the students who competed against other schools in the Lightning Premiership today at the Springvale Netball Centre. Our C-Grade team won their Grand final! Tomorrow, our Dendy football team will compete at Basil Reserve. Good luck and we look forward to reading about both competitions in the newsletter next week.

First Eucharist

Our second round of students will be making their Frist Eucharist on Saturday at OLMC, 6pm. Everyone is welcome to come to the mass.

Harmony Hub

Harmony Hub is on next Monday 18th June at 8:50am in the Community Room. We want to celebrate our diversity at Galilee and encourage relationships between our families. We have families from many different backgrounds, cultures and languages and would love to create a place where they can gather, share stories and languages and support each other.  We will provide tea and coffee and a warm and cosy space. Looking forward to seeing you there!


Please join us!

Silakan bergabung dengan kami!

Ве молиме придружете ни се!

Sluit asseblief by ons aan!


Déan teagmháil linn!

Kom alsjeblieft bij ons!

Molim te pridruži nam se!

कृपया हमसे जुड़ें!

Proszę, dołącz do nas!

Vui lòng tham dự với chúng tôi!

Mangyaring sumali sa amin!

P.T.O Bookings

If you have not yet made your booking for the Student Led Conferences on Monday 25th or Wednesdsay 27th June, please call the school to make your booking or refer to the email from Wendy regarding login and retrieving  password.

It is compulsory for your child to attend the conference with you. 

Students will finish at 1.30pm on Monday, Wednesday is normal finish time on the above dates.

Reporting Late and Absent Students

We are awaiting confirmation from our software company for a start date but plan to be able to commence using the student absence reporting system by the end of next week. An email will be sent out when this has been finalised.

This means if your child is late (past 9.00am) or absent, and we have not received a message on the school answering machine by 8.50 am you will receive an email notification requesting you to contact the school.


The reasons for why we need you to contact the school answering machine on 9699 2928 and not send emails or dojo messages are;

   *your class teacher may be unexpectedly absent and their replacement will not have access to their email or dojo accounts

   *if either Tegan or Wendy are absent, the answering machine is accessible for another staff member to access and update the attendance recording system.


In the event your child/children are going to be absent or late please call the school office by 8.50am.

  • on 9699 2928
  • select option 1 to leave a message
  • clearly say your child’s name
  • your child’s grade eg: 2W
  • reason for their absence /lateness
  • when they return to school you still need to send a written note to the teacher for them to  keep on file

If you plan to go on a holiday during the school term, 

 *please send an email to or  (around a week prior to your start date)

          *include your child’s name and class eg: 2W

          *the start and finish date of your trip

This email will then be forwarded to your child’s classroom teacher and specialist teachers so they are aware of the reason why your child is absent.

Cyber Safety Incursion

Next Thursday, all students from Galilee will participate in a Cyber Safety Incursion. They will meet superstars from 'THE PROTECTORS' who will talk about decision making and being safe online. 


All students must have the 'Local Walks' CareMonkey signed, as the incursion may take place in the Church Hall across the road.

End of Term Events

Last week of Term 2:

- Mon 25th Student Led Conferences Student finish 1.30pm

- Wed 27th Student Led Conferences

- Fri 29th Mass at Ss. Peter and Paul 9.30am

- Fir 29th Students finish Term 2 at 1.30pm