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Latest Newsletter from TeamKids!



The Winter School Holidays are just around the corner! And it’s that time again for everyone to know about the amazing Winter Holiday Program we have planned at TeamKids!


TeamKids have another amazing WINTER Holiday program planned! 

  • EPIC incursions, excursions, and in-house days
  • Qualified and REMARKABLE Educators
  • Digital detox with our no screens policy
  • Delicious and nutritious morning and afternoon snack
  • CCS approved care

BOOKINGS OPEN - Head to to secure your spot!


Promotional video;



EFM AGM, Thursday 17 June 2021 15.45-16.45

Via Zoom.


L'Assemblée générale virtuelle de l'Association des Parents d’Elèves de l’Ecole Française de Melbourne, Inc.(EFM) se tiendra le jeudi 17 juin 2021 15.45-16.45 via Zoom.Qui doit assister? Les parents membres qui ont un enfant inscrit dans l'un des programmes maternelles supervisés par l'EFM et/ou dans le programme ASA (After School Activities) géré par l'EFM à Caulfield Junior Collège.


RSVP: Il est important de cliquer sur le lien suivant afin de vous enregistrer ou, si vous ne pouvez pas assister à l'AGM, remplir votre procuration.


Nous vous remercions d'avance de votre participation.


Le Comité de l'EFM 



The virtual Annual General Meeting of the Association des Parents d’Elèves de l’Ecole Française de Melbourne, Inc., will be held virtually on Thursday 17 June 2021 from 15.45-16.45 via Zoom. Who needs to attend? You are a member if you have a child in the maternelle programs supervised by the EFM or in the After School Activities (ASA) at Caulfield Junior College. 


RSVP:  It is important to register your attendance or representation as a member so please inform us via the link.


We thank you for your participation and support.

The EFM Committee





There’s a new project lead by Monash University called ‘YourGround’. Councils across Victoria have signed up to the program which essentially is an online interactive map where any woman, girl or gender diverse person can add a pin and a comment to an area they feel is safe and why, or unsafe and why. 


This is an effort to gather often unheard experiences and perceptions of safety in public spaces so local police and councils can act on them.  The results will show us what is working well and should be replicated, and what isn’t and should be fixed.  


The process couldn’t be easier.  Open the website, add a pin, add brief notes about why that area feels safe or unsafe, and you can also see input from people before you and add your own comments to those.  There is no login and you don’t need to give your name. Police and Council are keeping an eye on the map as the project runs in an effort to quickly identify areas of concern they previously hadn’t been aware of.  The project will run until August.


This is your opportunity to have a say in the safety of your community.  The more input we have, the more chance we have of identifying areas that aren’t safe and working to make those better.  Get on board!  


Link to website -