Monash - Masters of Counselling students

Dear Parents/Guardians,


My name is Namrata Ramaprasad and I am a Master of Counselling student at Monash University, who has been given the privilege of beginning my counselling placement at Caulfield Junior College in June 2021. Before the start of the most recent lockdown, I had the opportunity to meet with the some of the students and staff at CJC and look forward to, immensely, helping support the students at CJC. 


I will be providing counselling support to students who have been struggling with; emotional regulation, managing their anger, anxiety, stress, self-esteem, family breakdowns, friendships and bullying, along with several other issues that may arise in a student’s life. This support can often entail offering evidenced-based coping strategies, helpful tools and problem-solving techniques for the student to learn and implement within their lives or simply providing a safe space, where students are encouraged to express their emotions and grievances, in order to best help them manage any overwhelming situations. I will be offering my support to the students on my allocated days on-campus at CJC (Tuesdays and Wednesdays), in an individual or group-based setting. I aim to tailor counselling support to each student’s individual needs and genuinely hope to provide a safe space for students to feel heard. 


You are welcome to contact Shauna Sanderson or your class room teacher if you have any inquiries. 


If you would like to know more about myself, please feel free to read below.


Warm regards,


Namrata RamaprasadI



I hold a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology, Sociology and English Literature) from Christ University, India and I am currently pursuing a Master of Counselling at Monash University. I also hold a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology Studies from Keele University, UK, where I trained in Person Centred Therapy and honed my skills as an empathetic and congruent counsellor. I have always been passionate about working with young people and believe that enriching their wellbeing at a young age can help them flourish into healthy young adults. Having grown up multilingual, in several countries over the course of my life, has allowed me to gain life experience within diverse cultures and has developed into a keen interest in music, literature and cultural perspectives. I also speak proficiently in a few Indian languages and hope to offer a multicultural perspective to young people.




Dear Parents and Guardians, 


My name is Jane Barbati and I am a Master of Counselling student at Monash University. I have been fortunate enough to have been accepted for placement at CJC, and began making contact with students and their parents at the beginning of our most recent lockdown (June, 2021). 


I have begun providing support to students over Zoom who have been facing difficulties with; anxiety, stress, family breakdown, emotional regulation, friendships/bullying and a variety of other issues. Now that we’re back at school, I am offering my support to students in both an individual or group setting on my allocated on-campus day (Fridays). 

Support comes in many different forms, whether that be providing students with evidence-based coping skills/techniques or simply providing them with a safe space to express their worries and concerns. Oftentimes, having someone to speak to outside of their regular family circle, and outside of their usual environment can be therapeutic. My goal is to tailor support to suit each individual students’ needs. 


If you feel your child could benefit from some support with facing a particular challenge (which is not far and few between considering the past year we have all experienced), you are welcome to return the consent form attached. Your child’s teacher will organise a time so as it will not interfere with their learning. 


Furthermore, if you would like to speak with me regarding your child, you are more than welcome to contact me via Shauna Sanderson or your classroom teacher. 


If you would like to know more about myself, please feel free to read below. 


Warm regards, 


Jane Barbati



I am a recent Bachelor of Arts (Chinese, Italian & Linguistics) graduate, and a current Master of Counselling student, both at Monash University. Throughout my current studies, I have completed over nine months of volunteer work with Friends for Good Inc., a not-for-profit telephone service which provides support for a diverse client population, experiencing loneliness and a broad range of other issues. Furthermore, my recent employment position as Receptionist/Administrator in the private practice of a social worker, has allowed me to experience the work environment of a qualified and experienced counsellor. This position has allowed me to improve my ability to empathise, be proactive, and has allowed me to observe an environment in which clients feel safe, heard, and accepted. I am completing the remainder of my placement at CJC, in the hopes of gaining valuable experience in an incredible school environment. Having made use of school counselling services throughout my own primary and secondary school experiences, I feel passionate about providing a safe space in which students feel supported. My focus is to have students feel heard and teach them skills that they can carry with them throughout their lives.