Classroom Connections,

LOTE - French.

Recently in LOTE French … 



Our Years 3 - 6 students have worked extremely well to learn and recite a French poem for the Berthe Mouchette Competition. As a reward they all got to play, in French of course, a French strategy game they love called “Loup-Garou”. 




The students are now preparing a skit on the topic of buying food items in a shop! Zoom classes were the perfect opportunity to practice for the role play. 


In Prep - 2, students have been dutifully following the class routine they love: looking at the date, doing a weather report and studying photos of France. When it comes to games, they are now quite the experts at running their own competitions of old school French game “Chou-Fleur” all in French - encore! Zoom classes were fun as we got to learn more of the songs we are studying: arc-en-ciel (Rainbow) in Prep and the Didou song in 1/ 2.


We love hearing and seeing French all around Caulfield Junior College!


Monsieur Berraud