Principal  Message

Open Day


We have our annual Open Day on Thursday 27th May and the students are looking forward to showcasing our school.  We will have classrooms open for any visitors from 9am-11am.  Usually, this time slot is reserved for Literacy lessons and you are more than welcome to come in and see our classes in action.  Whenever I walk around the school, I can be confident that students and teachers are working together as a team and that students understand their role as learners and collaborators in their lessons.  That is a tribute to the students and the teachers having a clear understanding of what is expected of both the student and the teacher.  


There is, however, one other role that plays a crucial part of a successful class.  That is the role of the peer.  Peers learn from each other, support and encourage and also provide valuable feedback to each other.  The relationship between peers in the classroom is so vital and each student must feel safe to take risks and share their success' and failures with their peers as part of the learning journey.  On our Open Day is not just about what the individual student has achieved but rather a celebration of the school as a whole and within the context of how classes operate in the school. 


Our sandpit became an excavation site today when the Preps  were treated to a fabulous incursion by one of our parents, Dr. Jillian Garvey. Jillian works at La Trobe University and came to teach the class about dinosaurs, extinct megafauna and fossils.  They learned about different types of fossils and how they teach us all about the past. She focused on Australian dinosaurs so students could learn about creatures that roamed this land long ago. She showed what an excavation site might look like, and taught them to use tools to carefully dig for buried bones and fossils. Thank you Jillian for offering to come into our school and share your passion with our students. 



Reconciliation Week


We also have Reconciliation Week from the 27th May and our fabulous RAP parents and Nikki from 3/4N have been organising an amazing day for the whole school on Tuesday 1st of June.  We will be walking to Stiggant's Reserve for a whole school picnic ( subject to weather) so please make sure you have provided consent on Compass for your child/ren to attend local excursions.

Have a great weekend and see you next week.