Visual Art 

with Ms Georgie

This week in Visual Arts at Trinity, all students have been learning about cultural diversity through the exploration of different skin tones. This term students are creating artworks based around the theme of Love, taken from the Gospel of John 13:34-35 “Love one another as I have loved you”. Through this unit students will create artworks that represent the love and goodness that is possible in our multicultural society.

In the Junior school students read the picture story book “All The Colors Of The Earth” by Sheila Hamanaka. They learnt that there is not just one skin colour but many. Students began creating their own artwork demonstrating the different skin tones as a packet of crayons.


In the Middle school students read an informative text “Collage Skills Lab” by Sarah Hodgson. They learnt about modernist artist Henri Matisse and his different techniques of collage. Students created their own collage 


artwork using different sized hands and different skin colours. They learned how the subject matter, composition, and colours used in their artwork communicates a message to the viewer. 

In the Senior school students have also been learning about the modernist artist Henri Matisse. They examined more closely his use of positive and negative space with shape and colour.They recreated his techniques in their own collage artworks, by layering silhouettes on painted paper and precisely cutting to duplicate the image. Senior students also experimented with mixing different skin tones using the primary colours; red, blue and yellow, as well as black and beige. 


Yours in creativity, 

Miss Georgie Hession