Sustainability News

Mrs Cappozzo

Our three new Sustainability Leaders (Thanh Truc, Adelia and Lavenia) got off to a quick and prompt start last week with their first activity being the Second Hand Uniform Sale.


Thanks so much to all the parents who have donated items and to Sue Scroggie for making sure the items were washed and ready to go. Awesome effort! 


Here is what Sustainability Leader Thanh Truc had to say about the first sale of the year: 


'On the morning of Thursday the 11th of February 2021, we had a second hand uniform sale! It was fascinating seeing the large number of uniforms disappearing so quickly after being purchased for only $3 each.  Thank you to the student helpers, who assisted with selling the uniforms and thank you parents for coming to the second hand uniform sale.


All the money raised from the sale goes to Sustainability programs at the school, including gardening. Don't worry if you couldn't buy any uniforms this time. There's always a next time and thank you for your time and patience.'


From your Sustainability Team


Thanh Truc, Adelia and Lavenia & Mrs Cappozzo