2/3UR -Digital Education

Introduction to Google Classroom

This week the students in 2/3 UR learnt to use the educational tool Google Classroom as a way to connect with peers and teachers in order to complete their academic activities. Students first practiced their technological skills by completing a school survey about the different school clubs they would like to join. Students became familiar with their online classroom stream and notification functions and learnt how to navigate the learning management system. 


They practised accessing their learning for different areas of the curriculum by looking for the correct posting and corresponding emojis. One example of the learning they did was the completion of their online Gratitude Journal on Google Docs. Students were also able to view lessons, videos and  make comments to engage and interact with the materials, their peers and teachers. Learning to use tools like Google Classroom is crucial for students to develop an understanding that digital systems can serve an important purpose.


Student Quotes :

Vihaan: I am learning to use Google Classroom to be able to get better at using a computer for my learning.

Goran: I found it challenging to find the links for my work at first but once I practised, I became an expert.

Natalie: I liked to learn to write a comment on my work.

Akol: I learnt to sign into my account and see my learning.