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Accelerated Reader certificates for this month go to:


Super Reader

Adrian Tan 6L

Dean Weir- Johnson 6L

Emma Courtis 6L

Daniel Wong 6S


Advanced Reader

Angela Sun 6L

Jacqueline Biletskyy 6L

Ethan Hua 6S


Star Reader

Charlotte Chen 6L

Ethan Cassimatis 6L

Michelle Lim 6S


Classic Reader

Aidan Hua 6L

Tilly Russell 6L


Fantastic effort!!

New Acelerated Reader Titles

Year 5 up Non-Fiction (War)   


World War II, October 21, 1942. A B-17 bomber drones high over the Pacific Ocean, sending a desperate SOS into the air. The crew is carrying America's greatest living war hero on a secret mission deep into the battle zone. But the plane is lost, burning through its final gallons of fuel. At 1:30 p.m., there is only one choice left: an emergency landing at sea. If the crew survives the impact, they will be left stranded without food or water hundreds of miles from civilization. Eight men. Three inflatable rafts. Sixty-eight million square miles of ocean.                              


Year 5 up Fiction (Humour) 


In this series, James Patterson relates the adventures of an unusual robot that is enrolled into an ordinary fifth grade class.


The Library staff would like to take this opportunity to thank all our volunteer that have spent time helping us this term shelving or covering books. We are grateful for your help. The roster for Term 3 will be sent to parents during the last week of this term.

Just Added

The Senior Library has just added the following titles to the series already available.


Year 7 up Fiction (Crime) 


The latest mystery for the budding detectives Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong. This crime takes place in Hong Kong and Hazel Wong finds herself a suspect. This is Book 7 in the series A Murder most unladylike.


Try this if you are a fan of Agatha Christie.


Year 5 up Fiction (Mystery)


In Book 2 of the Ateban Cipher series, Gabe and his friends brave incredible dangers to learn more about the encrypted book they are protecting. In doing so, Gabe will find out more about his own identity.


Year 5 up Non-Fiction (Adventure)


Read the inspiring story of Ben Carson, a famous American neurosurgeon, who overcame poverty, racism and poor grades to achieve his dream. This is part of the Heroes in history series by Janet and Geoff Benge.


Year 5 up Fiction (Humour)


Book 12 in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Getaway, sees Geoff and his family off on vacation, instead of spending Christmas at home. The holiday is not stress-free.


What adventures will befall the family?


Library Staff