Junior School

Preps and Year 6 Buddies


The Prep students learnt the sound “ar” and had fun learning the word “car”. We have a wonderful time with our Year 6 Buddies every Wednesday afternoon and it made sense to plan, build and “drive” our own cars. With the help of some cardboard boxes, paper plates, string, coloured paper and lots of sticky tape, we loved the finished products. Even the Year 6s enjoyed “driving” the cars around the school playground on a beautiful, sunny afternoon!


Sonia Sires and Emily Law

Prep Teacher and Yr 6 Teacher

Year 1 Helping The Preps

Year 1L students recently had the wonderful opportunity to read to Prep S students.  


Year 1L students created flip books of the story "Jack and the Beanstalk".  Each student put great effort into their own story of Jack and the Beanstalk!


Year 1L students thanked Prep S for being such lovely listeners. 


Melanie Lepileo

Year 1 Teacher

Year 1 Writing


The Year 1 students worked on some procedural writing on how to make a raft. They then enjoyed following their steps on how to make it. 


Chantel Rodger

Junior School Teacher

Year 4 Pilgrims Progress

Year 4 shared the story of Pilgrims Progress in the Junior school assembly. We have been reading the book and the students acted out the amazing story of staying on God’s path to reach eternity. They explored how in life we might get persuaded to turn from God’s way and detour from God’s path. Year 4 shared Proverbs 3:5-6. The classes choreographed their own songs and Mrs Metcalfe put the tune to it. What a lovely message from Year 4.


You can read along to the lyrics for the 2 songs here:


Strong as a Lion by 4C


Little Christian, on a hard journey

Determined to get to the King’s City

But don’t worry, God will never leave you,

He loves you so much that he’ll send Help to help you

Follow your heart and you will find the glory,

Your God will be waiting for you.

God will be with you in all circumstances,

Always be with you.



I am as strong as a lion,

I feel like steel or iron

Because God is with me and I have faith in him

I walk through the dark, until I find your love

And now I have courage, and now I am strong

And I know you love me, and I believe in you.


My heart on God is steadfast

we all know that together

We trust your Holy Spirit and in your Holy Name

But once we enter the Kingdom our sins we be forgiven

And we will have eternal Life


Never give up no matter how hard the journey may be

Stay on the right path, don’t be lured by temptation

Make the right choice

Listen to the Lord




If God is on your side no one can defeat you

And you can walk with pride ‘cause he is by your side

And he can conquer death, and he can conquer death.


Doors open to the light where God is waiting

He was crucified in the name of the Lord

He’s always been there for us and he is here

He’ll never leave us in the dark, but always be the light.





Friends, Monsters and Dragons by 4V


Trust in the Lord with all your heart

And admire all of God’s art

God will make your paths straight

So throw away your hate


The Lord will make your paths straight

He will guide you through the toughest of times

He will guide you through the valley

To where you belong


Friends, monsters and dragons as you travel

Friends, monsters and dragons as you travel

Friends, monsters and dragons as you travel all day long


Believe in the Lord with all your soul and mind

And think not of your own understanding

Love him with all your heart

And he will keep your path straight forever


Trust in the Lord with all your heart,

Don’t get filled with hate or sorrow

He created the mountains, he created the sea,

He created the heavens and he created me


Friends, monsters and dragons as you travel

Friends, monsters and dragons as you travel

Friends, monsters and dragons as you travel all day long


Paige Cheung and Gail van Heerden

Year 4 Teachers