Welcome back for 2017.

Since I joined Castlemaine Secondary College as Principal in 2009, I have been working towards redeveloping the Blakeley Road campus and merging the two CSC sites into one.  Over the past 3 weeks I have observed many benefits this campus offers to both students and staff members.  For example, our senior students interacting with and supporting our junior students, middle years specialist teachers reconnecting with returning students, senior students making very good use of the new senior study room and the whole school enjoying the social hub created through the new canteen facilities in Lawson Hall.


The precinct structure is also benefiting students and staff.  Students are already demonstrating their pride and sense of belonging to their precinct, a space that acknowledges and accommodates their interests and passions.  Through the mentor program, around 150 students per precinct across years 7 to 12 are known and cared for.


The redevelopment of CSC continues this year with the building of new Music and Drama spaces, the first stage of the Performers’ Precinct.  It is estimated that this work will take around 7-8 months to complete with demolition commencing in Term 2.  The Etty Street campus will continue to be used for the next 1-2 years as we complete more of our redevelopment program.


Building on the success of the Calm Learning Space set up in 2016, CSC is currently establishing a new Flexible Learning Options (FLO) program.  ‘FLO2’ will support students 15 years and over who may not be engaged in schooling to help them to reconnect within a highly supported environment.  Please contact Judith McLean, Assistant Principal or Melissa Laragy-Walker, Guidance Counsellor on 5479 1111 if you would like more details about this program.


Also new this year is the allocation of additional resources to the promotion of CSC to celebrate and communicate our achievements.  For example, did you know that our 2017 school captain Meagan Ferguson and fellow CSC student Emma Watson received Australia Day awards from Mount Alexander Shire Council for their youth leadership and work within our community?   The goal of our new marketing team is to share these great stories.  If you would like to get involved, please contact Elissa O’Connor on 5479 1111.


I would like to acknowledge the efforts of CSC staff, students, families and members of our community in completing the complex but successful move into the Blakeley Road campus.  This has been a huge undertaking over the last 6 months and I thank you for your passion and commitment.



At the end of week three we have already had lots happening at the school with our VCE Information Evening which had a record crowd in attendance. Today our SRC cooked up a storm and it was wonderful to see students enjoying their lunch while their fellow students entertain them with some rocking tunes.


I enjoyed meeting many new families this week at our Year 7 Welcome BBQ and I am very happy to meet with any parent or student regarding any issues or concerns. 


It is very important to me that each and every student at CSC reaches their potential in a supportive environment.


Mary McPherson

College Principal