Updates - ICT, VCE, Library 

VCE Information held 7/2/17

The start of the school is always a busy time for the ICT crew.

The setting up of BYO devices for the year 7s and students who have updated their devices over the summer, has kept our technicians on their toes – not to mention the transition to one campus. Ensuring projectors, photocopiers, the wireless routers, XUNO and the Moodle all work in the new buildings, the old buildings and the refurbished buildings has been amazingly smooth thanks to the anticipation and hard work of the ICT team.


However, the team is now starting to notice a disturbing trend with a particular device that some students have, the ACER Travelmate B115. These devices are probably around 2 years old and just out of warrantee and their motherboards are beginning to fail. This is a catastrophic failure with no easy solution. If you have bought one of these computers for your child and are having any issues, please call ‘Learning with Technologies’ on 1300 556 788.


You’ll be pleased to hear, over the last 12 months, we have transitioned to working with a local company, ‘Top End Technologies’ and they have been selling us quality devices at good prices. We are yet to see any issues with these and their service is second to none. 


Tristan Vale


The CSC Library website is a great resource for all students from year 7 to 12. It provides information and resources on research skills, study tips, copyright and databases, as well as Library programmes and events.


Students are also invited to share their reading experiences on our blog ‘The Compendium’.


The Library website can be accessed via  clicking on either  the links to  CSC Moodle. or directly CSC Library

Year 12 2017 Hoodie Orders (2nd round)


The opportunity now exists to place a late order for a year 12 hoodie. The order and payment is to be made on line by the 28th February.


The cost is $69 plus a $2 card fee. The hoodies will take about 8 weeks after the close of orders. Ordering details are shown in attached document