A Good Start to the Year

Off to a Good Start

Every year staff and students across the school spend the  first 3 weeks of school establishing effective and efficient learning approaches by exploring and discussing the School Qualities,  the School Values and the Keys to Success.


You may have seen the School Qualities around the school, or you may have heard our senior students talking about them in their graduate speeches at assemblies. These are the 18 qualities that we aspire our students to achieve by the time they graduate from primary school. These student qualities were developed together with input from students , staff and  the school community a few years ago.


Our School Values are Care & Concern,

Pursuit of Excellence, Respect and Honesty. These are recognised at school assemblies where students who have demonstrated the values are acknowledged with a certificate.

Your child may receive an assembly certificate for demonstrating these values.


The Program Achieve 5 Keys to Success help our students become independent and successful learners.


These keys include Confidence, Organisation, Persistence, Getting Along,  and Resilience.

Our students earn and collect their own 'Keys' by demonstrating the values in class. To support their learning, we encourage families to use these terms when talking about school.