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Prep C… back to remote learning!


This term our superstars in Prep C (along with all the other grades) have returned to remote learning and they are doing a spectacular job! Students are loving their live online sessions where they learn new things and share their work. We have even had some pets joining us on our Google Meets.


Prep C have been submitting some amazing work over the past weeks. They are also enjoying their specialist classes and have been working very hard.

In Literacy students have been using the ‘chunky monkey’ reading strategy to help with their reading and they have done a fantastic job recalling details and sequencing the beginning, middle and end of a text. They have also been learning and blending words using the ‘ck’ digraph. 

In Maths they learnt about subtraction and estimated and compared the mass of different objects around the house.  Students made their own balance scales using coat hangers. They did a fantastic job recording their findings and really enjoyed sharing their work. Here are some pictures of what Prep C have been up to.


I am so proud of Prep C and how they have adapted to remote learning once again. A special shout out to all of the Prep parents and carers who are doing an amazing job helping their children to succeed in their online learning. It’s amazing what we can achieve when we all work together.