Acting Principal's Report

Once again we see ourselves living through what will be talked about in 100 years to come. 


A small challenge

Practise gratitude during this lockdown. Each member of the family, write down three things that you are grateful for (even though we are in stage 4 restrictions) each day.  Share these together over dinner.  Practising gratitude can be a small thing but it helps build our mental health which in turn makes us feel better.  It is so easy to focus on the negative things at the moment.  I challenge you to look for the positives – they are there if you want to find them! 


Small Heroes

Our children have made sacrifices I was never called on to make when I was their age. Practically overnight, our children had to give up so much of their lives—their friends, their birthday parties, their teachers, their playgrounds, their grandparents. 


We applaud our nurses, our doctors, our emergency services, our supermarket workers, our pharmacists, our petrol station attendants – and so we should.  They keep us going!  Perhaps we could also applaud our children who are giving up some of the most wonderful things we’ve all looked forward to in our childhood. 


Remind them that it’s not forever and that their efforts are for the greater good.  Their resilience, their ability to move forward, to trust the adults around them to stay home when they want to go out and play.  Congratulations LPS students.  Here’s to our small heroes!



Mark and Indiana have made sure LPS is represented in Spoonville (opposite the Milkbar on Warrandyte Road) – they have even written our values on there!  Thanks for thinking of our school and placing us right near Bluey and Bingo – I’m impressed! 



Onsite Supervision

Onsite supervision guidelines changed with the introduction of stage 4 restrictions.  Please ensure you use the new, green form.  Parents were emailed the new guidelines on Monday 3rd August. I urge parents not to utilise onsite care unless it is absolutely necessary and you are a permitted worker. 


Camp Australia

Camp Australia will continue to provide before and after school care for students who have been approved to be onsite and need to utilise the care. I will be reviewing our numbers with Rebecca from Camp Australia in a week to see if this is still viable to keep it open.



If you need to enrol your child for prep in 2021 then please do this ASAP. 


Mark Moorhouse

Acting Principal