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Thank you to all the parents, carers and students who visited our Book Fair last term.  Thanks to you, Greenhills raised over $2,000 to go towards continuing to grow our library collection. From the Fair itself, we purchased 62 new books! These include the latest in the extremely popular Wings of Fire and Ella and Olivia series, several titles from The Bad Guys, Cat Kid and Dog Man series, numerous books by the wonderful Ahn Do, as well as an assortment of engaging picture fiction books and graphic novels.


Thanks again for your support with this fantastic fundraiser. There will be another Book Fair to look forward to in Term 4 – with dates to be announced later in the year.


Keep an eye out in the next few weeks for the updated Canteen Menu, Sushi Day and Wednesday Wonders. Please note that chicken nuggets can now only be purchased in packs of 3 for $3 or 6 for $5. 


We have now opened bookings to volunteer in the canteen. You can do this though Please call the office before making the booking for the required code. We will then verify that you have completed the Parent Helper Induction Session.   


A Simple Formula for Parenting by Michael Grose


Show kids how to behave.

Keep pets to develop nurturance and responsibility.

Be the adult in the parent-child relationship.

Cultivate good manners.

Build character daily.                                                                      

Catch kids being kind, gentle and strong.

Establish healthy habits early.

Stick to routines.

Have fun.

Eat together every day.

Focus on excellence, not perfection.

Spend individual time with each child each week.

Expect kids to change.

Keep an adult only place at home.

Admit it when you’re wrong.

Choose time and place to deliver big messages.

Keep the meal table free from arguments.

Prepare for tomorrow the night before.

Expect children to help.

Encourage siblings to apologise.

Send kids to school with breakfast, a kiss and a smile.

Celebrate success as a family.

Spend time in nature together.

Let go.


Parents Partnerships Leader Roslyn Mackie





Greenhills Primary School is involved in the Rebel Community Kickbacks Program

What can you do to help Greenhills primary School benefit from this program?

Staff, family and friends can link the school to their Rebel Active Loyalty Program account and instantly start earning credits.    


Thank you, 

Jordan Daley

The hard copy catalogue has been distributed at school and can be viewed online: 



Online orders are preferred:



Orders will be delivered to your child – free of charge!

Save $5 on your order 

before midnight Friday 29 April 

Minimum spend required = $25

Use Promo Code: FAMILY22


Please order for Issue 3 by Fri 18 May, 5pm!



Term 2 Week 1 - Presented at assembly Friday 6th May 2022 



Phillp PD1GCFor starting the term with a positive attitude. Well done Phil for coming into the classroom ready to learn and try your best no matter how many challenges come your way!
Sarina1JCSarina, it has been so lovely to finally have you in our grade. You have settled in so beautifully. Thanks for all your fantastic efforts you have put into your work each day. We are so lucky to have you in the classroom. 
Elliot M2JMElliot has been a great student this year. He has earned Student of the Week for always listening well and being a responsible learner. Well done on a fantastic start to the term. 
Kaiden P2LOFor starting Term 2 with a happy and enthusiastic attitude towards your learning. Kaiden, your enthusiasm towards everything we do in the classroom is such a joy to watch. Keep up the awesome work!
Jayden S2SHFor your enthusiasm in learning about non-fiction texts and the amazing facts you have already discovered and shared with the class. Keep up the wonder and curiosity, we love hearing about all you discover Jayden!
Amira S3AKFor being such a supportive class member. You are a tech whiz! You shared your skills and helped out so many of your classmates! Thank you! 
Josie E3RMFor sharing your knowledge and passion of history. Our class has learned so much from you, Josie. Thanks for informing us of so many facts and inspiring us to find out more about the past. 
Poppy F4BJFor being a fantastic team member during our Billy Cart beautification sessions. Poppy, your creativity and design skills were amazing and the way you helped and gave ideas to others was super. Well done and keep being wonderful!
Lucas C4DSFor being a GREAT problem solver and our resident ICT guru. Lucas can easily solve iPad problems and is the first to offer support to his peers. Keep it up!
Nyah I4TWI just love your work ethic Nyah. You consistently try your best in every learning task you undertake. Well done on another fantastic start to the term, keep up the amazing effort.
Sasha W5BCFor always supporting and respecting others. Sasha works well with all students and always manages to make others laugh. Keep it up!
Cooper 5JRFor his great efforts at cross country. You showed a ton of grit and perseverance through the race. Great job mate, you should be proud of your efforts. 
Blake G5REFor the fantastic ideas you brought to the Billy Cart planning for promoting the event. Blake, you were organised and very creative and I can't wait to see the final product.
Cam T6BSFor always embracing a challenge and looking for ways to grow as a leader. I've been particularly impressed by your involvement in Maths Olympiad and your enthusiasm for mentoring Grade 1's. You are a star Cam!
Josh T6LRCongratulations Josh on the way you shared your knowledge and skills during our Billy Cart STEAM tasks. You've got heaps of great ideas and shared your skills successfully.