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Post Card Exchange Task

Year 11 Art students were given a holiday homework task to make a postcard to exchange with each other. The idea behind this task was inspired by the artist Jean–Michel Basquiat, who sold postcards featuring his artwork on the streets of New York in the 1980’s. The postcards drew attention the unique style of Basquiat, hailing him as one of the first street artists of our time.

Students used the method of Collage to assemble their postcard, using text to further express their ideas and themes behind the artwork.

Basquiat’s work is currently on show through the exhibition Crossing Lines at the NGV in Melbourne.


Ahilen Soto

Alex Raso

Ashley Begue

Breanna Sami

Claudia Berke

Davyn White

Jhanany Mokana

Joyce Looker

Michaela Moss

Michaela Moss
Michaela Moss

Sarah Couch

Tahlah Harrison

Tony Jnr Lupeam

Pam Fox

The Arts Teaching and Learning Coach

Cranbourne Campus

Art News-Year 10 Art Excursion to the Australian Gardens in Cranbourne

On Monday, 17 February 2020 the Year 10 Art students travelled to the Australian Gardens it was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the experience immensely. The students participated in a Shared Country work shop which gave them the opportunity to learn about local indigenous culture; they painted using ochre, drank lemon myrtle tea and spent the day documenting the garden by drawing and photographing the surrounds. Thankfully we avoided the down pour of rain. Here are some comments from students about their experience:

‘I just like drawing.’ Marcus

‘I liked exploring new things.’ Clarissa

‘The flowers were beautiful and the talk about the plants and their uses was really interesting. It has made me want to learn more about the indigenous culture.’ Disha

‘I liked learning about the different types of plants.’ Charlotte

‘It was nice to have an outside classroom.’ Heath


Viv Hayes

The Arts Teaching and Learning Coach

Clyde North Campus