Students of the Week 

November 23rd, 2020

Dee Dee A-PrepFor always being a bucket filler and consistently displaying a positive attitude. Keep up the great work, Dee Dee!
Dinsey G-Yr 1For her creative Dreamtime story, "How the snake lost it's legs." We love how you are using great punctuation in your writing.
Yug A -Yr 2For your positive attitude and wonderful participation in all our learning activities. Thanks for being such a wonderful and special role model for your peers to look up to!
Sai P-Yr 4For your strong commitment to completing your homework to a high standard. The time and effort you put in is impressive.
Elsie B-Yr 5For consistently taking initiative in her learning and challenging herself across all curriculum areas.
Tvisha A-Yr 6For always making good choices and helping out whenever she can, without being asked. You're a star, Tvisha!

November 30th, 2020

Jobe-Yr 1For being consistently helpful in the classroom caring for everything and everyone.
Olivia H- Yr 2For displaying resilience and confidence each day. We are very proud of you. You're a star!
Summer S-Yr 3For always working so diligently on her writing and bringing a wonderful attitude to her learning.
Nicholas M-Yr 3For an outstanding effort in his handwriting. Keep it up!
Prisha S-Yr 4For always working sol diligently and pushing yourself to achieve such high standards. Congratulations!
Charlie AR Yr 5For always striving to do his best, for his questioning in Earn & Learn and his kindness and empathy towards others.
Sri V-Yr 6For always striving to do your best in everything you do. Your smile lights up the room.

December 7th, 2020

Ritesh P-Prepfor always being a kind and helpful friend. You include everyone and bring us lots of smiles!
Freya D- Yr 1For her excellent work writing her fairytale. Your ideas and illustrations were incredible!
Naitik K Yr 2Creating a character for your mystery narrative using alliteration. You have worked hard to focus in writing sessions. Impressive improvement!
Sienna B-Yr 3For your kind hearted nature. It's great how you always look after your friends. You are a star!
Baden V- Yr 4For demonstrating wonderful choices during play and for always enhancing class discussions with his insightful comments
Henry B- Yr 5For always demonstrating excellent team work and mature leadership skills. You're always a stand out!
Lee K- Yr 6For demonstrating incredible talent and commitment during the editing process for our film festival. What a talent!