From the Principal 

Linda Jones




As I write today’s newsletter, it seems amazing to believe the year like no other is coming to an end. In one way so much has happened, but much not quite as we planned. When we welcome in 2021 we will have much to reflect on. I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday with family and friends and with restrictions lifting precious time enjoying simple pleasures with your nearest and dearest. Take a moment to be proud of what you have achieved this year and cherish the days ahead that will hopefully ‘fill your buckets’ that have been a little empty this year. May 2021 bring you all much to be grateful for ☺

Thank you:-

  • To all staff, for their professionalism and dedication towards our students and families throughout the year. As we look back on what has been a very different year, I believe they can reflect on many successes with the biggest take away being their collaboration to provide a rich remote/flexible learning platform for our students.  CPS is certainly blessed with a wonderful team of teachers and support staff.
  • To our students, for working so well in their learning teams throughout the year. You too, should be very proud of yourselves. We are particularly delighted with your efforts in remote/flexible learning developing your digital learning skills, independence and resilience through some challenging times. Thank you too for returning to school this term with such a positive attitude.
  • To School Councillors, for your support via our remote meetings. I do hope we can meet together personally next year.
  • To our Parents and Friends, for their efforts to remain connected all be it remotely. We do look forward to offering a few more fundraising efforts and community events throughout 2021.
  • To the parents and members of the school community, who have supported our school throughout the year. We know the doors have been shut and the gates closed for much of the year but building positive and respectful partnerships is such an important part of the CPS way and your support has meant a great deal to us.


I know there are a few more days of school remaining but I wish our year six students the very best as they commence Secondary College. We very much look forward to sharing a modified graduation evening with the students next week and do hope their families can connect via the video stream that will be offered. May their futures be bright and rewarding and their dreams come true. We also wish any students and their families, moving to new schools in 2021, all the best for their future.