Learning Design, Assessment 

and Moderation Strategy  2020   

On Monday, 7th September, Lockleys North Primary School hosted teachers from schools across the Flinders Park 2 Portfolio for the Learning Design, Assessment and Moderation Strategy 2020 professional learning day.  Classroom teachers and leaders from Lockleys PS, Flinders Park PS and Torrensville PS and Specialist and Special Options teachers from various sites, joined our staff to critically reflect on learning and assessment design, to ensure high expectations and achievement for every learner.  


It is vital, to collaborate with teachers and leaders from other schools in our partnership to strengthen consistency of teacher professional judgement of achievement against the Australian Curriculum achievement standards.  As professional colleagues, we collaboratively reflected on and moderated student folios, seeking a shared understanding of quality learning design and looking for quality evidence of student learning in the assessment and work samples. 


During the afternoon session, the Early Years teachers engaged in professional learning relating to phonics, as part of the systemic, synthetic phonics approach and the Flinders Park 2 Portfolio improvement agenda for phonological awareness and phonics.  The Primary teachers were able to analyse and reflect on writing assessment tools, to further enhance current practice and to identify next steps for student growth in writing, as part of the LNPS writing improvement goal. 


All of these approaches are strengthening our professional practice and ensure that we amplify growth for every learner at LNPS. 


If you have any questions about the professional learning taking place, please contact Rosemary rosemary.mcleansaxon475@schools.sa.edu.au or Cassie cassie.mccaffrey823@schools.sa.edu.au