Classroom News 

Year 3/4 Father's Day Poems

Student's in Y3/4 wrote Acrostic poems for their father, for Father's Day. 

By Josh 






Really cool

By Ria

Jolly soul 






Humongous hugs


By Isabelle

Best in the world

Ridiculously exciting 

Amazing and fun

Nothing is better than you

King of all time

Off limits cool


By Brian

Determined Dad

Absolutely the best Dad

Dad, I love you. 

By Amelia 

D - dependable dad.

A - always there for me.

D - doing things for the family.


By Caitlin



D-DAD is the best!

By Liam 

Dad is cool

Always funny

Dad is ‘lit’!

By Michael







Photo a Day - Year 3/4


In this picture I feel like hanging in a tree like a Sloth, my favourite animal. It is a very beautiful day today, warm and windy. I love this weather to go out and have fun with my sister.

I like this tree, it shed all its leaves during winter and it's surprising to see this tree full of leaves after a few days. My sister wants to follow me everywhere. She came up here too, to have a picture with me.  By Aryan (Year 3)


This is the custom Batmobile that me and my dad worked on. It is remote controlled from my iPad and it is made out of lego. This is the second version of our Batmobile, the first one did not have a light or a lego gun, it just steered back and forth and left and right. By Julian (Year 4)


Today, Kyle got a new puppy called Buddy! He is 8 weeks old, small, cute and fluffy. He is a German Shepherd. Imagine what he is going to be like when he grows up!

German Shepherds grow to be 9- 13 years old and 60-65cms. They are obedient, intelligent, curious, loyal, alert, confident, watchful and courageous. German Shepherds are originally from Germany. By Joshua Galvin King (Year 4)



Year 5/6 Photography Competition


The Year 5/6 students (and some teachers!) hit the walking paths of Preston and surrounding suburbs last week to capture that all elusive prize winning photo titled 'Spring'.

Here are a few shots that could definitely make it into the final.



Our LSO, Amalie

We also dedicated our weekly Class Meet to highlight the important role Amalia O'Hara plays in the life of the 5/6 students and teachers. Our kids sent in photos with a word (or words) to describe what Amalie brings to our learning community. Here's a snapshot!




Italian Father's Day Cards 



Caro Papa’,

Ti voglio tanto bene.

Grazie per tutto quello che fai per me.

Sei un “Super” Papa’.

Tanti auguri,

 Da Isaac



Buongiorno Parrocchiani,

Come state con questo tempo freddo nel secondo “Lockdown”? 

Io so che sto bene.

Spero che voi stiate bene durante questo periodo difficile.

So che Dio ci salverà da questo problema che chiamiamo COVID-19.

Come passate il tempo?

Io passo il tempo giocando e lavorando con le mie sorelle e la mia famiglia, e voi?

State in comunicazione con la vostra famiglia ed i vostri amici.

Il mondo e’ sempre bello e la vita e’ preziosa.

Cosa farete quando questo virus e’ finito?

Io mi godrò sicuramente il sole.

Auguri di buona salute.

Tante belle cose, 

Da Huy Pham.


Good Morning Parishioners,

How are you during this cold weather in the second Lockdown?

I know I'm fine.

I hope you are doing well in these difficult times. 

I know that God save us from this mess we call COVID-19.

How do you spend your time?

I spend time playing and working with my sisters and family, and you?

Stay in communication with your family and friends.

The world is always beautiful and life is precious.

What will you do when this virus is finished?

I will definitely enjoy the sun.

Best wishes for good health, 

Many beautiful things to you, 

Huy Pham.



Ciao Parrocchiani,

Mi chiamo Joshua.

Vado alla Scuola del Sacro Cuore. Noi facciamo le lezioni sull’ “internet”.

Spero che siate in buona salute.

Spero che possa passare presto questo periodo.

Tante belle cose,

Da, Joshua