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Religious Education News

Creation: Over the next few weeks, Catholic communities will be praying and reflecting on how we can better care for creation. The Season of Creation begins on 1 September and concludes on the feast of St Francis of Assisi on 4 October.

Students in Year Prep - Year 4 have been looking at the wonders of creation.

Below is a reflection by Michele Frankeni from Australian Catholic Magazine:


The lockdowns imposed in response to COVID-19 shrank our physical world to the areas within walking distance of our homes. Conversely though, these restrictions have opened our eyes to a world we rarely have had time to see before.

During my daily walk I’ve seen the leaves of the trees turn from green to gold, disappear from the branches altogether, and now as spring approaches I’m watching blossoms adorn the trees in swathes of pink and white. I hadn’t known there were so many birds in the area. I hear them sing in the morning and have stumbled across flocks of colourful rosellas in nearby parkland. In a garden where once there were a few pots, neglected and forlorn, is now an area vibrant with herbs, which are picked fresh to flavour meals.

Time and appreciation of my local environment have been gifts to counteract some of the problems brought about by the pandemic.

However, as the world slowly opened up and travel at least within our states became possible, the blessings of time and nature were taking a backseat to the urge to go further afield and explore. So, for us in Melbourne, the sudden thrust back to lockdown has come as a bit of a shock. What was difficult enough four months ago, seems harder this time around.

To help us weather this setback in the national response to COVID-19, we must then cultivate a sincere gratitude for God’s Creation, which nurtures us with its bounty and beauty.





Deputy Principal News:

Exciting News!!!!!

Year 5/6 Camp has been rescheduled and we are hoping to go to Camp Rumbug on Monday 7th of December and come back to school on Wednesday 9th December. We would appreciate everyone's prayers that COVID isolation will be reduced by then so we can enjoy the last few weeks of 2020 together.