Principal News

Dear Sacred Heart School Community


I am sure like most of you, I sat with my family eagerly awaiting our Premier's press conference on Sunday, to hear what changes if any were proposed over the coming weeks, and to seek some clarity with a timeline for any changes. It would be very wrong of me to air my attitudes to our Premier's plan, but what I can say is that as we enter the ninth week of phase two of distance education, we continue to be acutely aware of our student's wellbeing. Teachers continue to keep their students unprecedented lack of socialisation at the forefront of their thinking. Teachers and Learning Support Officers have tried to make themselves more available for students and have increased “check in” times.


Timeline for return to onsite learning as outlined by the Premier


Week 2 Term 4 

Monday 12th October: Years Prep to Year Two return to school  Onsite learning continues for students of permitted workers. Unless required for onsite duties, staff who can work from home are required to do so


Years Three to Year Six return to school (subject to COVID 19 cases)



Spoon Village


As you go on your daily walk around the streets of your neighbourhood, you may have come across little communities of brightly painted wooden spoon characters. 

Originating in the English village of Winnersh, the Spoon village idea spread across Britain and is finding a place within communities in Victoria. Spoon villages can be found in parks and nature strips. Characters include cartoon favourites, monsters, animals and even a Reese Witherspoon.


As you can read below, our Arts Committee Leader Hanna, has proposed that we have our very own spoon village at Sacred Heart, as a bit of fun during this second period of remote learning. Hanna has decorated a spoon and it sits proudly at our school entrance. Hanna would love you to create your own spoon so we can grow our spoon village. Your spoon can come with you back to school next term. 



"This year, The Arts Leadership Team are creating a Spoonville campaign, the aim of the game is to paint and decorate your very own, unique wooden spoon, ask your parents first if you can nick one of their wooden spoons to paint, by the end of this Campaign, we will have an army!…. Ahem, I mean a village of Spoons. 

Happy Decorating People!" - Huy and Hanna


Best Wishes Frankie

It is with sadness for our school but excitement for our Year Prep student Frankie and her family, that we say goodbye and wish her every happiness and success, as her lovely family does the "tree change". Frankie you have been a pleasure to have in our school and to Jo and Ben, thank you for supporting and immersing yourselves in our Sacred Heart School community this year. Thank you Ben for your participation in our School Board this year. On behalf of our school community, I wish the whole family every happiness.


100 Faces in 100 Days

As mentioned in last week's newsletter, Liz has taken on the challenge of drawing 100 faces in 100 days. Over these 100 days, Liz has taken the opportunity to draw our Year 5/6 students and staff members. See if you can work out who is depicted this week.





Please stay safe.


Yours sincerely

Mark Tierney,