General News 

Administration News and Weekly Awards


New Website

Our new website is now live.  We would love to hear your feedback.

Please click HERE to visit the website.


School Fees

A  reminder, that all fees were due last Friday the 11th of September, 2020. 



Due to the changeable weather, students are now able to wear either Full Summer Uniform or Full Winter Uniform to school. They are not allowed to wear a combination of both.


School Supplies

Please renew your child's pencil case supplies as soon as possible to ensure they have the items they need here at school. 


Early Stage 1 Awards

Reuben Shaw - being a helpful and kind member of class.

Lyla Cook - writing sentences independently during Writing Groups.


Stage 1 Awards  

Cameron Marquett - excellent engagement in our Mathematics topic on multiplication. 

Troy Balint - always making others smile with his cheery greetings and sense of humor. 


Stage 2 Awards

Charles Lee - always engaging in classroom conversations with respect and confidence.

Abbie Coghill - bringing a helpful, positive and a cheerful attitude to our classroom each day.


Stage 3 Awards

Will Bartholomew - applying himself and working hard on the concept of Decimals in Mathematics this week. 

Paige Hanigan - excellent application to her school work this week.  Keep up the great work! 

Hannah Coghill - experimenting with author voice in her Persuasive text this week.  Well done! 

Chase Slade - an excellent effort in his speech about axolotls.  Great job! 


Leaders Awards

Jack Wilson