A Message from the Principal

Mrs Pauline Long

Dear Parents and Carers,

Last Friday we were fortunate to have a visit from our Diocesan Director Chris Smyth and Jason Hanrahan, a School Performance Leader. They attended Mass with our Primary students, visited classrooms and met with me regarding our school needs and staffing for 2021. Chris was impressed with how engaged the students were in their learning and how bright and inviting the learning spaces are. We are fortunate to have great support from the Catholic Schools Office which assists us to provide the best possible education for your children.


This week and next week we will be having evacuation and lockdown drills. It is important to have these drills so that students are well prepared if an emergency incident occurs. I encourage you to talk with your children about the drills and as a family you might consider what safety procedures you have in place at home also.


The teachers at St Joey’s are very dedicated and spend many out of school hours preparing lessons. I encourage you to keep in contact with the teachers as communication between home and school is vital for your child’s education but I ask you to be aware of the time you send emails to teachers. Please email between 8.00am and 5.00pm; Monday to Friday only. Also, be aware teachers need time to reply to your email as during the school day they are either teaching, on duty or in meetings. We love to hear from you but just not late at night. If a matter is urgent please ring the school and leave a message for the teacher to contact you. Thank you for your cooperation in this. 


Enjoy this beautiful weather and have a happy week.



Take care and be safe.


Pauline Long