Acting Principal's Report

We are getting closer and closer to the September 13th date and anxiously waiting to see whether or not restrictions will be eased across Victoria.  Winter has stayed its welcome and spring has taken its place. There’s plenty to look forward to in what will hopefully be a productive last few months of the year for us all! 


Online Safety

Many parents will know that most social media apps have age restrictions on them and usually start at 13+. This is a reminder to families to be vigilant, to watch and KNOW what apps your children have on devices. It’s a hard conversation for us as a school to have with parents and carers when we call and inform families about their child’s actions online if/when they are inappropriate or irresponsible. 

As parents we are the first generation going through where we can’t really ask our own parents for advice as they didn’t have to ‘parent’ us using social media. Some of us are not only guiding our kids but we are teaching our parents too! As a community, we need to keep an eye on each other and remind the kids how to behave in public and online! Put your parameters and expectations in place early and discuss with your children why you are doing so. There are loads of online supports for parents too and classroom teachers (courtesy of Mr Suter) sent these through last week – I urge you to have a read! 


When they Return….

Our leadership team, along with our teachers are busy planning for students to return face-to-face. Whilst we are not sure when this will happen we need to ensure we have a clear plan in place with regard to what we aim to achieve with students both academically and socially/emotionally. Whilst I applaud our community for what we have achieved with 2 remote learning periods, nothing will replace what a teacher can do in the classroom with kids. I know many parents have gained a greater appreciation for what teachers do on a day-to-day basis.  With this being said, we need to focus on the most important areas of learning and do our best to prepare students for 2021.   


School Planning 2021

I know it is early and as we continue with this very odd year, planning for 2021 is now well underway. It is essential that the school is notified of any student Prep - Grade 5 who is not intending to return to Langwarrin Primary School in 2021. If your son or daughter will NOT be returning to our school next year please notify the office. 


From the Vault

In 1968, parents had been battling for six years for a new school.  Mothers’ club members Mrs Carole Perry said parents were indignant that their children’s health and education were at stake.  Of the 204 students enrolled, only 65 students were in permanent classrooms and according to the parents these were infested with rats and possums.  59 students are being taught at Langwarrin Hall. “This is said to have a leaky and rat-infested roof” reported the Frankston Standard. 


Mrs Perry said “The Education Minister Mr Rossiter has been stalling for three years on the building of a new school on Warrandyte Road”. The new school was finally opened in 1970.  The Cranbourne Shire president noted, “at least the new building will be possum proof”. 


Mark Moorhouse

Acting Principal