Learning and Teaching

Ms Jodie Connell - Deputy Principal

Subject Selection


Our Years 8, 9, 10 and 11 students are about to begin working on their 2021 Subject Selection over the following two weeks. All Year 9 and 10 students should have hopefully received the Subject Selection Handbook in the mail by now. If it hasn’t arrived yet, hopefully it’s not too far away. 


Each year level will have a Google Meet on either Monday or Tuesday to launch subject selection. Students were emailed details including the nickname for the Google Meet on Tuesday 25th August. 


Year 8 - Tuesday 1st September Period 5 (1.45 pm).

Year 9 - Monday 31st August Period 3 (11.30am)

Year 10 - Monday 31st August Period 5 (1.45pm)

Year 11 - Tuesday 1st September Period 1 (9.15 am)


Following the Google Meet students will receive an email with the link for them to logon and select their subjects online (Web Preferences Portal). When students submit their subject preferences, it will ask them to put in a parent email address. Parents will then receive an email with a link for them to sign off confirming their child’s subject selections.

Students and families can refer to the Subject Selection Handbooks for Years 10 and 11 and the following site has a number of videos produced by our talented staff outlining the curriculum offerings in their respective areas.




Students and parents with questions about curriculum are welcome to email the relevant Curriculum Leader.


Religious Education – Mr John Ryan jryan@mmcrc.catholic.edu.au

English – Mr Richard Muranty rmuranty@mmcrc.catholic.edu.au

Mathematics – Mr Daniel Sheahan dsheahan@mmcrc.catholic.edu.au

Science – Mrs Dianna Malloy dmalloy@mmcrc.catholic.edu.au

Humanities – Mr John Poole jpoole@mmcrc.catholic.edu.au

Arts/Technology – Mr Peter Preston ppreston@mmcrc.catholic.edu.au

Health & PE – Mr Michael O’Keeffe mokeeffe@mmcrc.catholic.edu.au

VCE – Mr Peter Charles pcharles@mmcrc.catholic.edu.au

VCAL/VET – Mrs Joanne Knox jknox@mmcrc.catholic.edu.au


The Web Preferences Portal will close to students on Friday 11th September at 9.00am. Our planning for 2021 relies on this information, so it is important that students meet the due dates. This is an essential task as the subjects we will provide in 2021 are very much determined by student choices, especially in the Senior Pathways Years of 10 and 11.


Interim Reports


Teachers are currently preparing Interim Reports for students. We have tweaked the work habits to reflect that students have been in the Remote Learning environment for the past 3-4 weeks. Interim reports will be available to parents on Monday 4th September. Parent Teacher interviews are not available due to COVID restrictions. If you have concerns about how your child is progressing in a particular subject, please email the teacher concerned or contact the College Office and request for the subject teacher to give you a call to discuss their learning progress. 


Senior School Information


End of Year dates for Year 12 Students

  • GAT – The GAT is now scheduled to take place on Wednesday 7th October
  • Practice Exams: Monday 12th October to Friday 16th October
  • Final Day of Year 12 classes – Friday 30th October
  • Year 12 Exams Start on Tuesday 10th November and conclude on Tuesday 1st December
  • Year 12 results will be available to students on Wednesday 30th December

End of Year dates for Year 11 Students

  • GAT – The GAT is now scheduled to take place on Wednesday 7th October
  • Year 11 Exams Start on Thursday 12th November and conclude on Thursday 19th November
  • Friday 20th November – Student Free day for Year 11 students
  • Monday 23rd November – Exam Feedback Day
  • Term Zero starts Tuesday 24th November
  • End of Year Mass and Presentations – Thursday 10th December