Principal's Message

Mr David Leslie

This week in our Church calendar we see the feasts of St. Monica (27 August) and St Augustine (28 August). It is quite fitting that they occur in this order. St Augustine is one of the great “Doctors of the Church” – significant figures who have shaped our understandings of God and helped define the beliefs and directions of the church. Even today, Augustine is known for his great writings about God and Jesus. He is also well known for his book of Confessions: as a young man, he was wealthy, well-educated and very badly behaved. How could it be that such a spoiled, self-indulgent young man could grow into one of our greatest Saints? St Monica was his mother. She persevered in her Christian faith, eventually converting her violent, Roman patrician husband, and she never gave up on her brilliant but wayward son. Her love and her constant prayers eventually prompted Augustine to re-think his ways and have a profound spiritual conversion. His writings are still studied today. We would never have such a gift of scholarship and faith as we see in Augustine, but for the indefatigable love and care of his Mother, St Monica. She is the patron of mothers, the ones who will continue to love and support and hope for the best in their children no matter what. We are living in strange and at times difficult times. The stories of St Monica and St Augustine still have relevance today. They show us the power of forgiveness, prayer, and above all, love. 


Next week marks the beginning of spring and the last three weeks of Term 3. I want to encourage all our students, especially Year 12's, to keep doing the best you can in your remote learning. I want to remind Year 12's and their families in particular that everyone else in Victoria is in the same situation as you. Your teachers have explained the VCE marking systems to you. Remember that your grades are statistically moderated against everyone else in VCE across Victoria. The crucial thing is your relative performance, or your ranking, compared to the rest. This should encourage you to maintain your efforts, there is every reason to believe that you will still be successful, so long as you stick at your studies. We continue to wait for announcements from the State Government and authorities about what our Term 4 will look like for everyone. Thank you again to our teachers who are working hard to help you and get the work done.


This year, in response to suggestions from students and families, we have introduced the new sports jacket as an option in the uniform. Having a warm, wind-break jacket to wear for sport has proved to be very popular. There has also been significant comment within our community over the last couple of years about the girls’ uniform, especially the suggestion of an alternative to the winter skirt. It is important that the uniform enhances the students’ experience of school and helps them feel safe, comfortable and secure at school. The College’s Advisory Council met earlier this week and has agreed to form a working group to plan and implement a process of consultation with all key groups in our community – students, families, staff and other stakeholders in order to discern the wishes of the community and to formulate proposals for implementation. The initial task is to consider the girls’ winter option in time for next winter, 2021. The girls’ summer uniform will be considered next. I will soon be able to announce the members of the working group and I look forward to sharing more information with you once the working group has commenced its task. An important consideration is that the voice of all students has the opportunity to be heard, as well as all families. You will have ample opportunity to express your views. Please watch for further bulletins. 


Our new Senior School building is coming along very well. If you would like to see a drone video please click here. Most of the external work is almost complete with more work now being focused on the inside with plaster being installed and electrical items being wired in. It is looking great!


Wishing all of our families good health and happiness.