Last term, amongst many other things, we explored ICT components, we practiced logins and completed internet safety modules (all years) and we commenced typing and coding.


In Grades 2-6 'typing.com' and 'code.org' are the primary programs we are using to enhance these essential skills. 


Basic typing and coding skills will assist your students into the future regardless of the industry they choose to work in, they also reflect a majority of the DigiTech required curriculum. 


We will be using them in class as much as possible, but as we only get a maximum of 45 minutes a week, it is sometimes hard to fit in time for 'the basics'.  


Both of these programs are self-guided and are accessible from home using students Langwarrin 'Google Login'.  (eg. user@langwarrinps.vic.edu.au and their school password). 


I would encourage all students in Grade 2-6 to use these at home as much as possible.


Thank you,

Mr Rutherford