Amazing Race 

On Friday 24th May, all students in year 7 and 8 at Edgars Creek Secondary College will be participating in an amazing race as part of their house activities. The house captains have done a terrific job assisting me in designing and setting up the event for the day. They also had the privilege of grouping students from their house into their teams for the amazing race.


The amazing race teams will consist of 15 year 7 and year 8 students combined together as we continue to build on a positive relationship between students from all year levels. The teams are given clues, as they must adventure around the school and complete activities to receive their next clues. Some activities they need to complete will relate to their schoolwork and other activities will simply be collaborative and fun. The team that wins the amazing race will win the first place medals, as that will be an excellent achievement, with 16 teams participating on the day, four teams per house (Doherty, Jenkins, McDonald and Wollert).


All students will receive differing amounts of house points depending on where their team finishes on the day, but it will no doubt be an exciting and challenging experience for all students involved. Students will continue to build on their problem solving and interpersonal skills throughout the amazing race and have an enjoyable experience.


Dominic Bruno

House Coordinator