Cross country

On Wednesday 22nd May, our talented cross-country athletes travelled down to Woodlands Historic Park to compete in the Mickleham Division Cross Country. The students ran 3 kilometres for their respective races in either the 12-13 year old division or 14-year-old division.


All students represented the school positively as they displayed amazing sportsmanship towards other students and all officials throughout the day. It was excellent to see our students encourage and cheer for each other so loudly and in a positive manner.


Some outstanding performers on the day were Abdurahman Mohamed in the 12-13 year old race finishing 4th with a time of 12:50 which will allow him to advance to the Northern Metropolitan Region Finals. Nicholas Sterjovski finished in the top 15 with a time of 13:10, which could allow him to progress to the next round. Emilia Forte put in a fantastic effort coming in the top 10 with a time of 16:50 which means she will progress to the northern metropolitan finals. As four of our 12-13 year old girls ran extremely well it may allow them to progress to the second round as a team.


Jordyn Scott and Liliana Ladoo will both advance to the Northern Metropolitan Region Finals for the second year in a row after amazing runs by both students, with Lily finishing 4th and Jordyn in the top 10 of their races. Jude Georgievski put in an impressive run also with a time of 13:50 and coming in the top 15 for his race.


The students who have advanced to the Northern Metropolitan Region Finals will participate in the 3km race at Bundoora Park on Wednesday 19th June.


Dominic Bruno

Interschool Sports/House Coordinator