Visual Arts Update

Students in Year 7 and 8 have all been developing their drawing and media skills this term. It is amazing how life like the Year 8 bugs become when you add water to the pencil detail. Year 7 students have been learning how to make an object look three dimensional. If you were to ask a student from 7A, B or C how many tones in a black and white study I would hope they would tell you instantly; black, dark grey, light grey and white.


Here are the types of media being explored-

Water based black fine liner. We have added water to the studies to create texture and tone

Water colour pencils; colour mixing and tonal experimenting

Grey lead pencils; starting at a 6B and working down to a 2B to create the four tones

Soft Pastel pencils and charcoal; why not make a little mess while you are exploring tone


Year 7 students are about to embark on making a larger than life sculpture of an everyday object. Their idea develop has been inspired by the sculptures of Claes Oldenburg.


Year 8 students explored the scientific illustrations of Cornelia Hesse Connegar. Her scientific studies are a result of her exploration of the effects of radiation on insects. I cannot wait to see what strange creatures/bugs the Year 8 students start making next week.


Melissa Broders

Art Teacher


Year 8 Bugs


Year 7 Portraits


Students working with different media


more Year 8 Bugs


Year 7 Artwork