Library News 

Meet our student librarians

This term we have launched the Student Librarian program. This program involves students participating in a job application process and being selected based on merit. I am very pleased to introduce the successful applicants Layne and Adam. Student librarians receive on-going training and support as they they accomplish their levels. Each term they receive an award milestone to match the skills attained. Student Librarians are available to assist students some mornings and lunchtimes. They are a valuable part of the library team and contribute student voice and ideas. It is fantastic to have students contributing to the development of library spaces and collections.



Student-led clubs in the Library


Check out the What's On noticeboard to find out what clubs are running at lunchtime.

In term one many students indicated they would love to run clubs in the library at lunchtime. This term the library launched the student-led club program. Via a supported environment students develop the necessary skills to plan and run a club. The clubs running this term include Art Club, Maori Club, Craft Club and Gacha Club. All club leaders have brainstormed ideas, helped develop the rosters for the clubs, created posters and planned activities to deliver. They are doing a great job!



Art Club feature written by Daisy

Art club is a club where students do art, learn, practice and improve on different art techniques. 

Students can show off how talented they are and have lots of fun. 

Sometimes devices will be needed because at times in art club students will also be doing digital art. 

Art Club is going to be super fun, run with different fun activities with a focus on art of course! This club will run fortnightly.


Collection News

Magazines and student-suggested books


This term the library has launched the Magazine Collection starting with seven selected titles. The titles include Mad Magazine, National Geographic, Time, Teen Breathe, Australian Artist, Double Helix and Voiceworks.

A great magazine nook is set up where students can leisurely enjoy reading magazines. This space also has a ‘Post a review’ board where students recommend reading to each other.


I am pleased to say the ‘suggest-a-book’ box has been very active this year. The library ordered the first batch of student–suggested books and they have arrived. The books are being catalogued and will be available to borrow soon. Watch those shelves and keep suggesting great books.

Premier's Reading Challenge Review a book competition


All students are encouraged to take part in the Premier's Reading Challenge. This year  the Review a book competition has been introduced for secondary students and is a great opportunity to participate and develop review skills.


"Write a book review for your chance to win a prize pack of free books and a visit to Penguin publishing house in Melbourne


The competition opens on Wednesday 24 April 2019 and closes at 5pm on Saturday 6 July 2019." ( information from the website.)


To participate in the competition you need to register. More information from the following link

Good Luck!!!

Our busy library at lunchtime


What a school library can do for you?


Learning in the Library



This term the library presents publishing as an authentic learning task by supporting curriculum areas to bring audiences to student creations. This focus enables students to be creative while being considerate of ethical uses of information.

In Year 7 students are creating eBooks in the Writing to Publish unit. Students select a short story they have written as part of the English curriculum and use technology with relevant applications to locate images that are free for use when designing an eBook. This involves front and back cover design, laying out text and images, proofreading and editing for accuracy. The eBooks will become part of the library collection for the enjoyment of the school community.

In year 8 students are being supported in the creation of poetry vodcasts. This supports the poetry unit in the English curriculum. Students have been introduced to creative technology applications  enabling multi-modal creation. A focus on ethical use of information is part of the learning with websites suggested where students can source images and sound under appropriate creative commons licences that are free for use.

The library recommends the following sites for images, videos and sound when creating new works for publication.


Happy reading!