From The Classroom

Grade 5/6 Learning

In Grade 5/6, we have continued reading our class novel of Wonder by R.J Palacio. We have responded to questions as well as written a summary after each chapter. Students have been examining each character’s positive, neutral and negative traits. In writing, students have again been exploring the genre of narrative. They have completed a storyboard on the animation, The Present. In Mathematics, students have been delving into Chance & Data Representations as well as Units of Measurement: Time. A big focus has been on automaticity of timestables, doubles (addition and multiplication), square and square roots as well as cubes and cube roots across the two classrooms. They are all working on a timestable goal. Students have been striving to present their Maths Notebooks in a clear and organised manner. They have also enjoyed learning about Mean, Median, Mode and Range through a range of activities, involving skittles, rolling a die as well as measuring their left and right foot. Our afternoon sessions, have involved sport, BTN, digital technologies and history.