Canteen News

Mrs Rachel Simkin

It is wonderful to see many children trying new options each week. Vegemite sandwiches have been popular lately, remember that orders don't need to be anything other than what the children have selected or what you wish them to have. 


Next week a feedback survey will be sent out via compass.  We would like any input our students and parents have for the upcoming Summer Canteen Menu and a reflection of their experiences with our school canteen thus far.


If you are having any issues ordering online reach out and we will happily assist.


• If you are ordering on your PC please select your Child's profile, Community, Canteen and it will say 'Welcome to canteen' - Get Started.

• If you are ordering from your phone you will need to: open in browser, select your child's profile and the canteen menu should be available to you there.


Attached is the Canteen Menu which is available every week, we are always interested in any feedback to continue bringing you the best service we can. 



Do you have any delicious lunch box recipes that you make for your children? We would like to share these throughout our school community each week in the canteen section of the newsletter.  

I have shared another of our favourite lunch box treats are these Healthy Impossible Ham Quiches. Please share your recipes with us and email them through to and we will attach a new one each week, so keep an eye out for new ideas to try in your kids lunch boxes.

We would like to welcome volunteers to come forward and let us know when you are available. 


The following dates, 11th, 18th, 25th August 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd September, are available to volunteer and we would like to warmly welcome you into our school canteen. 


Our canteen operates every Friday and has a variety of options for our students and staff to choose from. We welcome you to volunteer on a Friday to assist with preparation and delivery of Morning Tea and Lunches from 9am through until 1.15pm.