Student Learning 


Reading: The students are loving our Author study on Aaron Blabey.  They have really enjoyed reading his books, including Busting!, Don't Call Me Bear! and I Need a Hug. Through research they learnt where he got his ideas for his books from and what advice he has for someone wanting to write a story.


Writing: Using inspiration from Aaron Blabey,  the students have written about real life problems they have experienced, how it made them feel and how they were able to solve the problem.


Maths: The students have had fun challenging themselves with multiple number sums. They have also used different strategies to solve maths problems including making a model and drawing it out.

Year 56

Students in Year 56 have been working hard during our Literacy sessions. Students have been learning to write like the author Jackie French and have been inspired by her opening sentence. The variety of stories completed and the high standard of writing was fantastic to see! Following on from the excitement of the Spelling Bee last term students have continued to smash out their spelling with huge improvement. 


We were also very excited to have a group of students selected to participate in the Victorian High Abilities Program for Literacy. This program gives students the opportunity to extend themselves and work with students across the state. Students will participate in a weekly class throughout the term. Well done on their achievement!